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Great Founders Deserve Better Choices!

There are minimal options for founders to finance their growing startups outside of venture capital and SBA lending. These options tend to limit success to a small number of qualifying companies. Intensifying this capital constraint, debt is typically given alongside investment from premier VC’s. This path has repeatedly limited female and minority founders’ capital, who receive around 4% of this total funding.

Helping All Founders Achieve Prosperity and Equality


We believe in Prosperity and Equality and built Prospeq to support all founders.

Capital for Your Growth

We provide $500k to $2M loans to support growing businesses and talented founders.

Supporting Great Founders

We partner with $2-10M revenue businesses with low cash burn focused on growth. 

Key Values


Rooted in empathy, we embrace compassion, offering unwavering support to entrepreneurs navigating the challenges of their journey to success.


Transparency and ethical principles form the bedrock of our Venture Debt, guiding us in building trust and reliability through every aspect of our business practices with both our investors and founders.


We demonstrate exceptional dedication to the success of our portfolio companies, offering not just financial support, but also the time and resources necessary for their growth and development.


Every investment we make is driven by a clear sense of purpose, seeking opportunities that align with our commitment to making a positive and meaningful impact on industries and communities.


Changing Funding for the Future

Prospeq is driven to disproportionately fund underserved founders and geographies. We do not exclude anyone. Our fund was created to improve funding trends in venture capital to create a better future for all founders.

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Get in touch if you have any questions or to schedule a meeting to discuss how Prospeq can help fund your business, or how to get involved in funding our incredible portfolio companies.