The Path Forward, Together

Funding Founders

Prospeq is an early stage emerging fund focused on financing options for revenue generating startups from underrepresented founders and geographies.

Growth Capital

Providing venture debt to founders who fit the following:
• Founder led
• Low cash burn
• Growing startup
• $2-10 million in revenue
• Emerging technology product or service

Prospeq's Value

The Capital Limitations of Venture
Great founders deserve better choices!
There are minimal options for founders to finance their growing startups outside of venture capital and SBA lending. These options tend to limit success to a small number of qualifying companies. Intensifying this capital constraint, debt is typically given alongside investment from premier VC’s. This path has repeatedly limited female and minority founders’ capital, who receive around 4% of this total funding.
After nearly 20 years in banking watching great founders and companies turned away by traditional lenders and stifled by venture capital requirements, Ryan and Phillip decided to do something about it.

Ryan Edwards

Has 20 years experience in lending, including 13 years funding up and coming venture backed companies at Silicon Valley Bank. He loves to mountain bike, golf, and play basketball. "Supporting founders directly through a fund has been a dream come true."

Phillip Pipkins

After learning film, screenwriting and IP law in school, Phillip spent years working as the connective tissue between founders, innovators, investors, and talent. His years in banking were spent within sales, technology, and product. Phillip loves his basketball and taking care of his greyhound. "I thank everyone in my career path who paved the way for me to be here."


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