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What does Prospeq mean? 

Prospeq combines the words “prosperity” and “equality.” Prospeq embodies our drive to disproportionately fund underserved founders and geographies. We do not exclude anyone. Our fund was created to change the funding trends in venture capital.

What types of companies does Prospeq invest in?

Prospeq usually partners with growing companies that have at least $2M in revenue and low cash burn. We want to work with businesses that we can help scale by capitalizing on fundraising and profitability.

Does Prospeq invest in certain sectors?

Prospeq has found success working with companies and founders in the tech and tech-enables-service industries. We will work with any business that is focused on growth and plans to search for sale or exit within the next 5 years. Prospeq does not work in the life sciences industry. 

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